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MIR QSL Routes

Dave Larsen, N6CO, is now the new QSL manager for the USA for all Mir QSL cards for the callsign R0MIR and R0MIR-1. All older callsigns have to go to Russia.

Dave has been granted the privilege of acting as QSL manager from Sergji, RV3DR. QSLs must include date, time, and mode of contact. Cards for SWL reports will not be handled by Dave. If a contact is made with the Mir packet radio personal message system, then the message number issued by the PMS should be included on the QSL card.

Here are the requirements to get a QSL card from Dave Larsen

1. MAKE sure out of USA QSL Req. hve 2 IRC [ Sri the USA does not honor out of country stamps ]

2. A Return Envelop with your address on it. MAKE sure your return envelop is business size (number 10 size)

3. Your QSL card or a post card with ALL the info on it. Date/time, etc.

4. ANY Qustions Please ask BEFORE sending your MIR QSL.

Anyone one of these not beening right, may delay your return card.

Dave Larsen, N6CO
or packet     N6CO@N0ARY.#nocal.ca.usa.noam

QSLs should be sent to:

Dave Larsen, N6CO
PO Box 311
Pine Grove, California 95665

The last day you can send to N6CO for QSL cards is 1999/10/01 or until his supply runs out!

QSLs for previous Mir contacts may be sent to:

Chief Of Cosmonaut Amateur Radio Department
NPO Energia
PO 141070
Box 73
Kaliningrad, 10 City
Moscow Area

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