Oscar Century Award

====    =======	===========
1       G3IOR   14-Feb-77
2       WA2CBB  08-Apr-77
3       W2RS    21-Apr-77
4       VE3BNO  21-Jul-78
5       W4AIT   31-Jul-78
6       W1JR    31-Jul-78
7       K2ZRO   11-Jul-80
8       OK3AU   25-Feb-81
9       Not Issued	
10      W9MXC   22-Dec-83
11      W0SL    30-May-84
12      WH6AMX  30-May-84
13      G6XHR   12-Sep-88
14      K8XF    10-Sep-90
15      W5ACM   12-Aug-92
16      VE4AMU  10-Nov-92
17      PY2ACM  28-May-93
18      WA8JOI  13-Nov-93
19      WB8OTH  30-May-94
20      WA3YGQ  25-Jul-94
21      KK5DO   11-Nov-94
22      SP5FKW  20-Jan-96
23      WA7GCS  26-Apr-97
24      VS6XMT  30-Jun-97
25      TI5RLI  14-Sep-97
26      N1JEZ   12-Dec-97
27      VE6ITV  06-Mar-99
28      N8GHZ   24-Sep-00
29      IK0WGF  18-Jan-01
30      K5OE    02-Feb-01
31      XE2AT   16-Dec-O1
32      NA2X    27-Jun-02
33      K6YK    19-Jun-03
34      AA6NP   31-Aug-03
35      AA9LC   05-Nov-03
36      N1HOQ   23-Nov-03
37      G8ATE   30-Dec-04
38      DH5MK   01-Sep-09
39      K8YSE   20-Jul-10
40      KB1RVT  09-Nov-10
41      KD8CAO  15-Mar-11
42      AC0RA   02-Apr-13
43      KB1PVH  12-May-15
44      N8HM    21-Jul-15
45      CO6CBF  29-Jul-15

The OSCAR Century Award requires satellite contacts with 100 different U.S. states or Canadian call areas or DXCC countries. To apply for the OSCAR Century Award, scan and email or send a photocopy of the front and back (back only if QSO information is there) of the QSL cards.

The donation for the award is $10.00 (US Funds) and AMSAT members receive a $5.00 discount. Award fees may be paid through the AMSAT Online Store once you have received confirmation of eligibility from the Director of Contests and Awards. Please include 2 units of postage from the US to your location to cover the cost of mailing. (If you pay for your award through the store this will be added to your total.)

Please note: eQSL cards are not valid for AMSAT or ARRL awards. Email confirmations of a QSO is also not acceptable.

AMSAT-NA Awards Manager
Bruce Paige, KK5DO
P.O. Box 310
Alief, TX 77411-0310

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