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 DXCC Accepting P5/4L4FN Contacts
 Since early November 2001, Mr. Edisher (Ed) Giorgadze, 4L4FN, a Georgian
 citizen employed by the United Nations World Food Program, has been
 active as P5/4L4FN in Pyongyang, DPRK.
 DXCC Rule 7 states "Any Amateur Radio operation should take place only
 with the complete approval and understanding of appropriate
 administration officials." The rule continues, "In any case, credit will
 be given for contacts where adequate evidence of authorization by
 appropriate authorities exists." The ARRL has now received adequate
 evidence that the operation by Mr. Giorgadze is being conducted with the
 knowledge and approval of telecommunications officials in Pyongyang. At
 the present time, this approval is limited to SSB operation.
 The ARRL Awards Committee has met and concurred that the operation
 should be accredited. As a result, we are pleased to announce that
 effective immediately, the DXCC Branch will accept SSB contacts with
 P5/4L4FN for DXCC credit. Contacts with P5/4L4FN dating back to early
 November, 2001 will count for this Entity.
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